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I shape ideas to scale. Building MedTrack to end patient medical data fragmentation in Africa.

I shape ideas to scale

Currently advancing technological innovations at unQut + Building MedTrack to end patient medical data fragmentation in Africa.

With a demonstrated history of building and leading teams, my current role as a product design lead at unQut and MedTrack involves leading the design team to translate ideas, problems and stories into impactful solutions.

I am an entrepreneur and designer with years of experience in product design, brand identity, and marketing. I excel at shaping ideas to scale; Nurturing products from ideation through to launch and growth. I have a strong background designing experiences for mobile applications, web services and the occasional hobby in print.

I have worked alongside designers and engineers in both startup and multi-national companies to bring products to market. I've worked on a variety of projects ranging from consumer applications to enterprise software.

I've had the privilege of working with some amazing teams over the years. A few notable ones are:

Saya Mobile: Saya was widely popular for its instant messaging app called Street Chat. The platform included social network integration, location-based and group chat across multiple phone platforms including J2ME, Android and iOS. Saya was later acquired by Kirusa, in 2014.
Tress: One of the most engaging product I've ever worked on, Tress was an Internet sensation. The app allowed women of colour discover and share hair style inspirations to their communities. The challenge of designing and helping the team build an experience that encouraged conversions and discovery was truly breathtaking. Tress was a 2017 YCombinator startup.
MedTrack: Working on products that's personal to me has always been a drive. MedTrack is a health information management solution for healthcare providers and patients. MedTrack is ending patient medical data fragmentation in Africa. Building a frictionless experience for patients and service providers meant spending a lot of time with industry professionals (Doctors, diagnostic centers and pharmacists).

The best products are those with a good story. A good story shapes your product. It defines your goals, user journeys and your core vision. A good product story starts with the customer. A great product is one that makes customers happier than they were without it.

I'm always happy to help tell a good story.

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