Reading List

Highlighting some insightful online resources and books I keep on my virtual shelf. These are a few of my favourites. Always up for a good read, don't hesitate to share yours with me.

What I write and other note worthy reads

Kweku Ghartey
The Future of Healthcare in Africa
Using big data, governments can predict the next outbreak, medication allocation policies, healthcare provider staffing problems and much more.
Kweku Ghartey
Ghana Elects
Building a platform to monitor Ghanaian online public opinions and election trends
Kweku Ghartey
UI Design & Rapid Prototyping
Quickly design, prototype and test ideas with PowerPoint.
Andy Goodman
What Is Zero UI? And why is it crucial to the future of design?
What does UI design look like after screens go away?
Samson Hu
Building Analytics at 500px
A look at building analytics from the ground up at a mid-sized start-up…
Badu Boahen
How I developed a SMS-like Hookup service
On WhatsApp
Evan Simoni
How to find your friends at a music festival
We’ve all been separated at some point
Omar Seidu
Hello World
We are happy to release the first version of our app Beep today.
Design Tools at Instagram
I’ve always been a sucker for a good design tool

Books that keep me up at night